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Professional Partnerships


AP Advisory Group has as one of its main goals the development of excellent professionals to provide the best services and advice to our clients so that the relevant professional development takes a high level. They are part of our professional partnerships in different areas of Integrals development of the human being, because AP Advisory Group not enough to be a good financial technician have to be a comprehensive person. 



Lcda. Norma Rivera Padilla


Estudio Legal con más de 25 años de experiencia en asuntos de Sucesiones y Herencias.  Además se trabaja casos de cobro y Derecho Civil en general





Apoyo Sicológico


Psychological Support in LM are committed to the profession to work seamlessly applying critical thinking skills and analytical capacity to interfere with scientific quality, ethics, and humanistic social reality, problems, disorders and conflicts. We are inspired by the scientific development of psychology, recognizing the current trends in Puerto Rican society, the contributions of other disciplines for understanding the complexity of the mental processes of the human being.


 Integrating knowledge-building processes that schools of psychology developed countries, research and social outreach to the community to actively participate in solving problems pertaining to the person, family, and organizations society in general. All this taking as the main focus on respect for human dignity and sense of service linked to service we offer. As health professionals assume the values and principles inherent in the discipline for the formation of a leading psychologist in the different areas of professional and human performance, ensuring that our work will be lived as a service and means for creating a culture of prevention and promotion quality of life.






The Academy of Mediation, Arbitration, Negotiation and Continuing Education Specialist, (Dawn), exists with the primary purpose of providing excellence in education training and professional development, particularly in the areas of alternative methods and law. Arises from the need for such training and education professionals and teacher training experience, capable of contributing significantly to the growth and professional development of those who exercise their profession with dedication and care.


AMANECE mission is to provide practical education and continuing education of quality, seeking to enable participants of different courses in a holistic manner, critical and pragmatic.




Research Results


Research and Result Consulting Group™  is a corporation dedicated to the development of research in the areas of Higher Education, Environment and Business. Our service is characterized by the excellence of the team, all professionals in their areas of expertise, ensuring the independence in research and transparency in their results. It was created by the Cruz Blanca I. Acevedo, PPL and José Pérez Colón, Ed.D in January 2010.


Higher Education Area: investment in higher education is an essential foundation for building a knowledge society inclusive and diverse and for the progress of research, innovation and creativity. Research and Results Consulting Group conducts investigations of medium and long term to increase knowledge for the generation of policies contributing to greater equity in education, the transformation of educational practices and support for higher quality and improve teacher training.






The firm Ruberté-Santiago, arises from the aspirations of the Atty. Jaime Ruberté who has accumulated diverse experience in contentious litigation and conflict management. Atty. Jaime Ruberté, lawyer, notary, is also a certified arbitrator and mediator. His vision is that the practice should assess people, elevating the profession and strictly adhere to professional ethics established by the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico and the Bar but even more so, from personal commitment and a high sense of duty.


Ruberté has covered virtually all the courts of Puerto Rico, including litigation before the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. That's why the law firm has the ability to offer excellent service and quality in the various areas of law including advising corporations, enterprises and small businesses. However, aware that litigation is not always the best alternative in the midst of conflict, has developed strategies to resolve conflicts from the negotiation and other methods. The specialized training received at the Center for Negotiation of Harvard Law School opened the way to drive new ways, faster and less expensive for customers.



Tony Rodríguez, Fotografo Profesional


Complete his academic studies (professional photography) in 2006 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. His photographs have been published in newspapers, such as: El Nuevo Día, El Regional, La Perla del Sur and Primera Hora. He has also participated in the publications of magazines, "billboards, television, promotions, among many others. With the experience received in each of their works has evolved as a professional in the field of photography. Currently working as a photographer "Freelance", is the official photographer for all editions of world-renowned Medio Maratón San Blas of Coamo, Puerto Rico and offer professional services to the municipality of Coamo. Also offers photo journalism courses in public schools in the south area of the Island.







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